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Walther Rotex RM8 Varmint.

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

The Rotex RM8 with its handsome Minelli wooden stock is a real eye-catcher.

But many Rotex fans will want to take this rifle out into the countryside, where they may have to carry it through dense undergrowth.

Such users will do better with the RM8 Varmint with its futuristic synthetic thumbhole stock.

Its black surface is more resistant to scratches, and checkered areas on the grip and forearms ensure secure handling.

Convenient - Integrated 232 bar bottle tank.

Quick-Fill - The filling valve and the manometer are both hidden in the forestock.

The built-in bottle serves also as grip for the holding hand.

Solid - Aluminium rotary magazine with wide retaining ring, securing the pellets.

Precise - 11mm dovetail rail for mounting a telescopic sight.

Safe - Manual safety.

Grip - Thumbhole stock VARMINT-style made from polymer, with checkered grip and foreend.

Fast - Trigger with adjustable travel.

Accuracy - The bolt-action moves one pellets from the magazine into the barrel, from where the air propelles it further.

This increases the precision.

Calibre 4,5 mm (.177) or 5,5 mm (.22) Pellet.

Energy 16 Joule

Trigger adjustable.

Length950 mm.

Weight 3870g


177 Calibre £POA

22 Calibre £POA

Scope not included.


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