Walther LGV Master Pro.

Updated: Mar 16

This is how modern tradition can be:

The Walther LGV Master Pro is instantly recognisable as a classic spring-powered air rifle with break-barrel action.

But inside, it has a high-tech, precision-built mechanism.

It's not a big noise-maker, however. With its unique rotary system, Super Silent Technology and Vibration Reduction System, the LGV can be held absolutely steady when a shot is fired and is especially quiet.

Other features include an automatic trigger safety, XM trigger.

Adjustable rubber recoil pad and 1/2" UNF thread for mounting a silencer.

Classic spring pressure system with break-barrel mechanism.

Reliable form-fit and force-fit locking with opening lever for consistent precision. 

Proven LGV technology with rotary piston.

Super Silent Technology and Vibration Reduction System 

Automatic trigger safety 

XM trigger, adjustable first stage travel and trigger weight. 

Beech with cheekpiece and checkering, plus adjustable rubber butt plate. 

Prepared for scope use (no open sights, scope not included) 

Barrel with ½“ UNF thread for mounting a silencer.

Calibre 4,5 mm (.177) or 5,5 mm (.22) Pellet.

Energy 16 Joule.

Trigger XT-trigger: adjustable trigger.

Length 1095 mm

Weight 3870 g.


177 Cal £480.

22 Cal £480.

Scope not included.