The Lincoln Vogue HSX Sporting.

Updated: Dec 6, 2018

The Lincoln Vogue HSX Sporting takes the beautiful looks of the Lincoln Vogue model and adds features suited towards a sporting gun. This makes the Lincoln Vogue the ideal crossover gun for those looking for a solid, reliable gun for both game and clay pigeon/rabbit shooting.

Includes 5 sporting XP70 Chokes (standard chokes on 28G).

Sporting barrel with lateral ventilated rib and 11mm top rib (9mm on 20G & 28G).

Central line sight (12G only) and front fibre optic sight.

Sporting Rubber recoil pad3.

Golden engraving subjects of gamebirds and clays.

A dedicated action size for 20G - no more shooting a 20G on an oversized 12G action.

Proofed for steel shot (12G & 20G).

3 year warranty.

Long stroke selective ejectors, Single selective trigger.

Special three-alloyed steel barrels, machined from bored bars Internally chromed bore and chambers for improved lifespan and better shot distribution.

ventilated upper rib with anti-flare finishing.

Fine pitch laser chequering with double grip pattern .

12 Bore 28 Inch Barrels. £1128.00

12 Bore 30 Inch Barrels. £1128.00

20 Bore 28 Inch Barrels. £1128.00

20 Bore 30 Inch Barrels. £1128.00

28 Bore 32 inch Barrels. £1218.00