Lincoln Elite Deluxe.

Updated: Dec 6, 2018

The Lincoln Elite was developed to satisfy the needs of those hunters who require a strong and sound, yet elegant and refined gun. When tradition meets beauty, the Lincoln Elite Deluxe is the result.

12G and 20G are steel shot proofed.

3 year warranty.

Special FX finish to the selected walnut stock.

Steel action body with chromed finishing.

Beautifully engraved sideplates.

Gold trigger.

Gold inlays of game birds.

Long stroke selective ejectors.

Single selective trigger.

Special three-alloyed steel barrels, machined from bored bars.

Internally chromed bore and chambers for improved lifespan and better shot distribution.

Chequered, ventilated upper rib with anti-flare finishing.

Fine pitch laser chequering with double grip pattern.

12 Bore 28 inch Barrels. £1315.

12 Bore 30 inch Barrels. £1340.

20 Bore 28 inch Barrels. £1315.

20 Bore 30 inch Barrels. £1340.