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12-Bore Sidelock Ejector by Army and Navy Co.

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

Army & Navy C.S.L. 12-Bore Sidelock Ejector with 28inch. nitro replacement barrels, tubes engraved new barrels fitted by Henry Atkin ltd, 27 St James Street London.

Stock features sharp chequering and a  treble-grip action with carved stylised leaf fences, removable striker discs and  automatic safety.

The toplever is engraved '1', and the action features border and acanthus scroll engraving.

28inch nitro-replacement barrels with 2½in. chambers,bored approx. ¼ and imp/cyl Choke. Bore size in the right barrel .731 and in the left barrel .730.

Wall Thickness in the right barrel 27 and in the left 32.

With a 14 1/8 inch figured stock.

Weight 6lb. 14oz.   

£1300.00- REDUCED to £1000.00


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