12-Bore Sidelock Ejector by Army and Navy Co.

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

Army & Navy C.S.L. 12-Bore Sidelock Ejector with 28inch. nitro replacement barrels, tubes engraved new barrels fitted by Henry Atkin ltd, 27 St James Street London.

Stock features sharp chequering and a  treble-grip action with carved stylised leaf fences, removable striker discs and  automatic safety.

The toplever is engraved '1', and the action features border and acanthus scroll engraving.

Supplied in it's makers case with

new accessories.

28inch nitro-replacement barrels with 2½in. chambers,bored approx. ¼ and imp/cyl Choke. Bore size in the right barrel .731 and in the left barrel .730.

Wall Thickness in the right barrel 27 and in the left 32.

With a 14 1/8 inch figured stock.

Weight 6lb. 14oz.   


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